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Soft footprints is a groundbreaking travel blog dedicated to promoting low-impact, environmentally responsible tourism. We cater to a wide audience of conscientious travellers who seek to explore the world while minimizing their ecological footprint and making a positive impact on the destinations they visit.

Our content is honest, direct, and unbiased. We offer clear, easy-to-read information to help readers make informed decisions aligned with sustainable travel practices. Visitors to our site will find comprehensive guides to destinations worldwide, highlighting eco-friendly accommodations, tour operators, and activities. We feature popular and lesser-known locations, encouraging travellers to venture off the beaten path.

Rick Steves guidebooks Some seasoned travelers search down their noses somewhat at Rick Steves guideline guides. There’s no basis for that. Rick Steves knows Europe within and out from decades of traveling, main tours, crafting publications, and creating episodes of his amazing series 

Rob Change says: at My household experienced a good time in Paris. We had a wonderful time there and appreciated the lifestyle of your location. The nightlife was fantastic, and the town’s class is indescribable.

Get Your Information – This is a enormous on line Market for excursions and excursions. It's a lot of tour selections in cities all world wide, together with everything from cooking classes and strolling tours to Avenue art lessons!

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Camp inside a yard – An excellent camping services precise to Europe is Campspace, which allows you to pitch a tent in an individual’s yard at no cost or for a small price (around 10-20 EUR).

Get the Guideline – Obtain your Guideline is a huge on the net Market for tours and excursions. They've got a lot of tour possibilities available in cities all world wide, such as all the things from cooking classes, walking tours, Road artwork lessons, and much more!

The bundle comes along with a board guide introducing tiny types to Lou the lion so that they’ll be In particular joyful to see him Each time Father looks like capturing The instant. Selling price: $29

If you like biking, the Camel Path from Bodmin to Padstow is well worth the journey and you even go by a local winery. It’s a fairly easy way to spend daily (and it’s fairly flat so it’s not also not easy to do.) In addition, I'd the best fish and chips in Cornwall! All round, it’s what you believe of as “traditional England.”

I like Europe, but there are plenty of other cultures through the earth that I’m far more keen on. So, given that Rick Steves’ guidebooks are primarily Travel Guides Europe-centered, I’m not as drawn to them.

You don’t want a travel tutorial having you to definitely a cafe that doesn’t exist anymore, do you? No. You should get from the beaten monitor although not THAT off that it gets you dropped.

You'll find some travel info on the Perception Guides Internet site, which makes it a decent place to get started on in case you’re unsure within your spot.

Moon’s travel guidebooks are all about traveling sustainably. I’ve made use of them innumerable occasions in the Americas and have discovered them super useful.

HostelPass – This new card gives you up to 20% off hostels through Europe. It’s a terrific way to save money. They’re continually incorporating new hostels far too. I’ve normally needed anything such as this and happy it finallt exists.

If you like your travel content material in movie form, among the finest travel tutorial Youtube channels is Ryan Shirley. 

Destination Selection
I choose the places I write about based on what makes me curious and what I think will interest you. I enjoy sharing spots I love (and being open about the ones I don’t like as much).

But I’m always looking forward to my next big trip. If a hidden beach, historic wonder, snowy escape, or Travel Guides stunning view catches my eye or yours, I’m ready to explore!

That’s when things get exciting. I jump in, looking for the best activities and places to see. I’m talking about local restaurants you can’t miss, views that’ll amaze you, and experiences you’ll never forget.

I do the research for you with my guidebooks, online reviews plus my local guides and insiders for the real story. I want to find those secret spots only locals know, so you can experience each place like someone who lives there.

Why Soft Footprints?
You’ve probably seen those signs reminding us to only leave our footprints. Well, that simple message sums up my beliefs about travel. But it goes deeper – it’s also about how I treat our planet, our local environments, and the people I meet.

I won’t dive into a long talk about sustainable tourism here (though it’s definitely a topic I’m passionate about!). Instead, I want to focus on the small, everyday actions that can make a big difference.

A Positive Impact
And don’t forget how our travels change things for others. When you take a vacation in another country, you’re not just making memories for yourself – you’re also helping people in that place keep their jobs. When you travel in a way that’s thoughtful, you can make people feel proud and strong. That’s worth a lot.

So, no matter where you go, remember to tread softly. Leave only good things behind, and take only happy memories (and maybe some cool photos!). That’s the idea behind Soft Footprints, and it’s something I hope everyone who joins my community will do.

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